Our plugin supports the standard UTM parameters including:

  • utm_source – identifies which channel or source the user came from, for example Google, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, or the name of a referral website / partner.
  • utm_medium – identifies the medium for example paid advertising (CPC), email, referral, affiliate, or social post.
  • utm_campaign – identifies a specific product promotion or marketing campaign, for example launch or summer-savings.
  • utm_content – can be used to identify how well specific elements in your content are converting, for example header-link, footer-link.
  • utm_term – used for paid search to track keywords and segment your target audience.
  • gclid – is a Google Click Identifier which identifies the campaign and other attributes of the click associated with the Google ad. This is a unique ID created by Google Ads.
  • fbclid – is a Facebook Click Identifier which is automatically added to outbound links shared on Facebook. This unique ID is passed to your website for tracking purposes.
  • msclkid – is a Microsoft Click Identifier which is automatically added to landing page URLs targeted in Microsoft Advertising. This unique ID is used for conversion tracking.

In addition, you can also use the following parameters:

  • landing_page – provides insight into whether the user converted via the targeted landing page or clicked through to another page on your website where they enquired.
  • returning – provides insight into whether the user has arrived on your website and enquired or if they left your website and returned later before enquiring.